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"Thank you very much for sharing your show with our children. It was a wonderful performance which I am sure the children communicated clearly to you by their cheering, gasps of wonderment and clapping. A great show for a number of reasons:
- the children were really engaged throughout the entire one hour show,
- they felt included and the children who were able to participate with you will remember that for a long time,
- you capably shared a healthy eating message throughout the show, and
- you used a variety of props. Once again Vas, thank you so much for wonderful show."
Sharon Theobald,
Allandale School,
“All our students thoroughly enjoyed the wonderfully entertaining Vas and his magic show. The children- and their teachers- were enthralled by the showmanship, lots of fun and magic tricks, coating good, healthy messages. We’re already looking forward to the next tour!”
Linda Beatson, Deputy Principal, Motueka South School, Nelson
“Thanks you very much for your visit to Apanui School today. We were very impressed with your show, especially with the way you interacted with the children and the range of propts you used. The healthy eating message was very appropriate and fitted perfectly with what we are teaching our children.”
Ruth McIntosh, Deputy Principal,
Apanui School, Whakatane
“The Magic Show offered very wholesome and exciting entertainment for students of all ages. Vas, the host was very friendly and delightfully welcomed all the students. The whole school were amazed at the magic tricks on show and students were given the chance to participate and get involved. The show very much highlighted the importance of healthy eating to the children and the host encouraged them to take part in sharing their knowledge about food that is beneficial or harmful to our health. The resources used were appropriate and relevant to the context. Questions were welcomed and students' knowledge about healthy eating was appreciated. It was an unforgettable experience for many of the students, especially for those who have never seen a magic show before.”
Gaylene Hill, Principal,
Linden School, Wellington
“Hi Vas, thank you for performing for us on Wednesday. The children had a wonderful time, there was a lot of excitement and laughter and the children were engaged and entertained the whole time. Having some of the children as participants on the stage was a great hit with the children as were the animal guests! An awesome show with great educational content.”
Andrea Bathgate,
Geraldine Primary School
“From the start Vas's show had all students at our full primary mesmerised as he skilfully reinforced our school's teaching around the topic of healthy food choices. Within an enjoyable context, the students were challenged to reconsider how well they were meeting their daily dietary requirements and what easy changes they could make to improve their nutritional health.”
Kathryn O'Loughlin, Principal
Garston School, Kingston
“Balaclava School recently had a visit by the magician Vas Kovalski. His show uses magic to explain the benefits of healthy eating and the food types that contain various minerals. The use of magic tricks, including the appearance of rabbits and doves engages students of all ages. During the show students were mesmerised by the variety of tricks performed. Both the educational and entertainment content were very relevant to our school healthy eating goals. Feedback form both staff and students has been very positive. The interaction between magician and audience is evident throughout the show. Individual students were selected to take part in some tricks while audience responses were often asked for verbally. Thank you Vas for a wonderful magic show last week.”
Trish Palmer,
Balaclava School, Dunedin
“I just wanted to let you know that I have had very good feedback from my staff regarding your Show yesterday. You appeared to have a great understanding of the pace to set the Show at for our Special Needs Students. You also helped to promote the Virtue of respect in the show as well as the Healthy Eating theme. We look forward to having you at our school again in the future.”
Leonie Matthews,
Deputy Principal, Hamilton North School
Twyford School students loved Vas Kovalski's Eat Right, Be Bright magic show. Our learners from Years 1 - 8 were so engaged and really enjoyed the audience participation Vas employed to make clear links to healthy eating and different food groups. Educational, unbelievable and most importantly fun!
Nixon Eagle, Deputy Principal Twyford School, Hastings
"Mamaku School recently had the pleasure of Vas the magician and his show on 'Be Bright Eat Right '. This is what we thought - very reasonably priced for a one hour show
- great involvement of the children
- the children really enjoyed the magic tricks
- the children liked it very much when you made magic mistakes on purpose
- the show was very entertaining
- the show linked really well into what we are learning about food
- the children got very excited by the magic
- it was fun to see the magician in a costume
- excellent interaction with the children
- it made the children want to go home and try some magic tricks."
Christina Clark
Mamaku School
"The staff and students all enjoyed a great performance that was both entertaining and educational. It fitted in well to our 5+ a Day programme and was a great way to motivate the students learning. Vas presents a very professional show and was very well organised. This show is very good value and I would have recommend it to any school."
Dianne Meek Hobsonville Primary, Auckland
"It was a fabulous magic show with lots of healthy food messages. The children loved it. Fabulous props and costumes. It was excellent involving the children from the audience as they love it. The fire and birds tricks were very clever."
Tanya Snackers, Teacher Tapawera Area School
"A completely unique and captivating way for our children to learn about looking after the only body they will ever have ! Our Waipu children were held "in the palms of your hands" for the whole length of your show. Your audience participation was so well done and you managed to involve and entertain every child. Adults were equally well entertained and I'll bet every teacher learnt something they did not know before. All so bright and colourful."
Margaret Ramsay, Waipu Primary, Whangarei
"Thank you so much for the wonderful performance at our school on Wednesday 4 May 2016.
The feedback from both staff and students was excellent.
The educational component met our needs well and you incorporated a balance of this, along with your magic skills, exceptionally well.
Your show was engaging, interactive, very entertaining and relevant to student's learning.
We would welcome you back again in the future. Many thanks."
Sue Baillie
Assistant Principal
Birchwood Primary School, Nelson
"The students and staff at Valley school would like to thank you for coming in and performing for them. It's with great pleasure that I recommend Vas Kovalski. Vas displayed a high degree of integrity and responsibility. He is very approachable and entertained the students with many positive messages. His professional and friendly manner made him a pleasure to deal with. Vas would present a great act to any school and I am happy to give him my endorsement."
Luke Thomson
Deputy principal
Valley School, Pukekohe
"Our year 1-6 students loved the show. It was a very professional performance. They were enthralled with the cool tricks. It provided a great opportunity for our students at was an ideal 'hook in' for our Healthy Eating inquiry unit this term. Great valey for money."
Jacinta Cousins, Principal
Our Lady of Lourdes School, Palmerston North
"The students were enthralled with your tricks and also got the message about eating healthily. Involving some of our children up on stage was a real thrill. The show was memorable and meaningful. Clearly, you are talented and have put a lot of thought into your production. We look forward to your return tour. Thank you."
Helen Boudier,
Picton School, Picton
"It was a very interactive show and children loved being included in the various magic tricks. The theme of 'Be Bright, Eat Right' provided a perfect complement to our healthy eating focus. He was able to pitch the language to the various age levels and keep the children engaged the whole time - amazing props and costumes!"
Margaret Kaa, Principal
Tuakau Primary School
Auckland Magician
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